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Центральный офис Sunyard Engineering Co. Sunyard System Engineering Co., Ltd. is a well known software company in China. In 2002, the company is publicly listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange (code: 600571). Sunyard is an enterprise of the first-level computer information system integration intelligence, the key software enterprise within the national planning layout, one of top 20 most excellent national system integration enterprise, a key high tech enterprise in China Torch Plan, one of the tenth 5 year national 863 plan achievements industrial production bases, one of the top 100 software enterprises of China, one of the top 100 E-Government IT enterprises of China, one of the 29 nationwide trial enterprises of COSEP (China Offshore Software Engineering Project) (LEVEL A) and also a designated work unit for producing commercialized password products approved by the National Password Administration Committee.

Till now, Sunyard has set up 21 offices in major cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Ninbo_and owned 15 subsidiaries. Sunyard is always dedicated to the development of independent property right software and application services. Sunyard's products have found wide applications in Chinese bank headquarters (such as Commercial Bank, Bank of Agriculture, Construction Bank, Bank of China, Communication Bank, Chinese Trust Industry Bank and Pudong Development Bank) in hundreds of sub institutes above the regional and municipal levels, and in more than 7 hundred securities business organizations. Sunyard's products also found applications in insurance, tax, industry and commerce, transportation, education, justice, petroleum, electrical powers and other industries and government departments. Sunyard has become a well known software developer and system integrator in China.

"Refine our products and intensify our sector", relying upon it's own rich sectoral experience and exquisite technical superiority Sunyard has persisted in the road of product and technology specialization to develop three distinct major product lines including VPN, Mobile POS and Workflow. SunFlow (Workflow) has been awarded as the Golden Software by CSIA, and also take the Top One position receptively in the comprehensive test of ICBC and Agricultural Bank of China. Adhering to the principal of Advanced, Security, Speciality, Independence, Sunyard provide integrated VPN system, which has been widely used in Insurance and Security Industry.

Sunyard has a competitive outsourcing team names SunSourcing, which is responsible for taking up Japan, EU & America outsourcing project, including design, preliminary design, detail design, coding, testing and develop embedment software. Taking up BPO service from Japan, EU, US and foreign-founded enterprise in main land China, such as IT tech support, data entry, call center service, united education: Training talents with national and abroad universities and clients for international projects, e.g. SAP, ORACLE, large-scale test system, etc. At present, Sunyard has two overseas offices (Japan and US), four R&D centers (Hangzhou, Dalian, Shanghai, and Ningbo), a training center, a BPO base and a Jiatai-Sunyard college; Sunyard trains talents for International software development and management.

Sunyard engages in sustainable development of environment and resources. It according to its foundation and features, actively participates atmospheric contamination control environmental protection industry_focuses on control of fume from boilers and furnaces and strives to form an integral fume control industry link. Sunyard Environmental Protection provides all-directional services in treatment and control of fume and dust of industrial boilers and furnaces, including integral scheme, package contract, system design, project implementation, system debugging and operation, involving several professions such as the coal-fired power generation enterprise, the papermaking enterprise, the metallurgical industry, the cement enterprise, the chemical enterprise and so on. It has successfully implemented in many environmental protections project, the Indonesia Central Java power station, the India Durgapur power station and Sagardighi power sation and so on.

Based on its own advantages, build SUNYARD Brand on Products, application software, outsourcing, and flue gas desulphurization, Sunyard is trying her best to play a leading role in the related fields in the near future.


  • ISO9001 and CMM3 Certified
  • the key software enterprise within the national planning layout
  • First-grade Enterprise with Qualification for Computer System Integration
  • one of the tenth 5 year national 863 plan achievements industrial production bases
  • one of the 29 nationwide trial enterprises (Software outsourcing LEVEL A) of China Offshore Software Engineering Project
  • one of top 20 most excellent national system integration enterprise
  • one of the top 100 software enterprises of China
  • one of the top 100 E-Government IT enterprises of China
  • Personnel Ministry Approved Post-Doctoral Scientific Research Workstation
  • the electric power profession 600MW unit electricity dust removal system supplier intelligence
  • the electric power industry thermoelectric power station auxiliary engine equipment manufacture intelligence
  • the enterprise recognized by the national electric power company electrical power equipment management enterprise
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